Chairman SPEECH

    We, Tongling Tianhai Flow Control Co.,LTD. have such a vision:

    We hope that through our efforts to make Tianhai become a benchmark enterprise of water supply and drainage control and application integration system, also a modern enterprise who trusted by customers and make staff proud, and also a public enterprise with a certain visibility and influence.

    Over the past five years, Tianhai develop step by step, year by year, all these results benefit from our government support, customers’ trust, the help of friends and every staff’s efforts. We learn from practice, make progress in innovation. The goal of traction support us to overcome one after another difficulties, to solve one after another problem. We never changed our original aspiration, so get today's development.

    "Be proactive, positive, open-minded", is our operation principle and also is our objective to be an upright person and do right things. To achieve our goal, all the staff of Tianhai need prepare hard work and long-term strive. In the journey to achieve this goal, our company build a no-ceiling stage for each staff dedicated to struggle and hard work, so that everybody can show their talent greatly, to achieve our common dream.

     Let us join hands and work together. Tianhai will have a better future.

                                                                                                                                               SHENG YUAN.WANG

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